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So I think, you know, although Feng lives in Sydney and I live in Melbourne, I think that'll be the good test to see how we go. Speaks Mandarin So, I just wished Feng Guo a happy monkey Chinese New Year and wishing her family health and everything to go well and her work to go well. And, oh, also, speaks Mandarin And that I'm really looking forward to her - seeing her on the 16th when I go to Sydney. I have a really positive impression from when we hung out that one time in China, so, fingers crossed.

I'm am a egg. So I'm white on the outside, so I'm an obvious foreigner on the outside, but I'm yellow on the inside, so I'm Chinese on the inside. For Feng, the judge said the opposite, said that she is a banana, so she's yellow on the outside, but white on the inside. Chinese people thinking something maybe totally wrong, if someone never heard before. They think, "Why say banana?

It's - I heard one guy said very naughty thing about the banana. I understand he don't understand what we're talking about. In I was involved in a serious car accident and as a result I was in a coma for a week. Now before the accident I had learnt Chinese at high school and I'd lived in Beijing, studying Chinese and backpacking around China.

Once I came out of the coma, the first words that came out of my mouth were in fluent Chinese. And from that moment onwards, my internal monologue had switched to Chinese, so all the different things that were going through my head were all in Chinese rather than English. And now, you know, so many years after the accident, my internal monologue, so that little voice that goes on in your head, kind of now has come back a little bit to English, but it's definitely a gloob-de-gloob of English and Chinese and I've got really no control over the way that I think.

They're wasting their money, we're wasting our time and I just don't think that the supervising partner's going to be happy with how things are going unless we can get some offers on the table. I've been working as a corporate lawyer for two and a half years. It's what I want to do. However, at this stage, I want to get some international experience. I think the time to do it is now. Met with four partners, one more to go and it's via video conference tomorrow in the city.

So, if I nail that, then I'm off to Hong Kong. Sings in Mandarin Maybe eggs and bananas go really, really well together. I mean, I just hope we don't end up as scrambled eggs and banana split. That is just gold. And if you want to watch If You're the One, you can do so on Sunday at 7. News Corp Australia Jordan and Stephanie VIC While Jordan, 23, had recently ended a year-long relationship and said he was excited to be part of a new adventure, Stephanie, 24, held less hope when she signed up to be part of First Dates.

Deedee Zibara figured she had nothing to lose by taking part in First Dates. News Corp Australia Deedee Zibara NSW A former Miss Lebanon Australia, Zibara, 24, was hoping for both romance and an exciting story when she signed up to be on First Dates. Greg Evans hosted this show where matches were made unseen and his sidekick robot, Dexter, calculated their potential for long-lasting love. Chains of Love A short-lived series where two singles were chained together to compete for money and, hopefully, romance.

Playing it Straight Single girl Rebecca has 12 eligible bachelors to choose from. Problem is, half of them are gay. Oh, and a boyfriend of course. Yasmin, the single woman looking for Mr Right in the reality tv show Yasmin's Getting Married. Farmer Wants a Wife The first mega success since Perfect Match, Farmer — which comes out of retirement in spawned a wave of new dating TV programming. Taken Out Hosted by James Kerley and similar to hit Chinese dating show, If You Are The One, 30 singles decide whether or not they want to date someone based on minimal information.

Dating in the Dark A houseful of singles decide whether or not they want to date someone based on all senses bar sight. Laura Dundovic who hosted Foxtel TV program 'Dating In The Dark'. Dinner Date Hosted by Manu Feildel, four singles cook at their home for one eligible man or woman. The winning cook is awarded a restaurant date. The Bachelor Tim Robards gave out roses before handing on the baton to Blake Garvey and Sam Wood.

In , Sam Frost and The Bachelorette Australia wowed the nation.

TV dating shows are taking over screens — but why are we all so fascinated with them?

Channel 7 and Channel 9 announce new dating shows, calling for 'star crossed lovers'

PARAGRAPH. PARAGRAPH. No spark, at which point the producers cut to this unrelated image: Channel 7 But Dannii loves it. I think with women, but no spark. He mentions fresh-cut flowers. I was so ready to judge her blondeness and boobiness, buddy. I was so ready to judge her blondeness and boobiness, it goes down a dating show australia 2016 bit deeper. Follow her JoThornely trending in lifestyle. Weirdly Corbin denies the opportunity for another date. More electricity than a battery-powered cattle prod? PARAGRAPH. She talks about love a lot!

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