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Examples of this type of online dating site include OKCupid, eHarmony and Match. Preference Dating Sites While profile-matching sites are great for hitting the largest swathe of potential suitors, people with specific needs tend to have a high signal-to-noise ratio on them. Just because a site advertises that it has 30 million subscribers doesn't mean it has any significant number of subscribers who match what you want in terms of values, religious identity or sexual preferences.

Preference dating sites tend to have a smaller pool of available dates and date candidates on them, but a more focused group to work with. Examples of this type of dating site are ChristianMingle, JDate and BiCupid. Meetup Sites An aspect of dating sites makes them seem a little impersonal and, to some extent, false. A large chunk of human interaction is based on seeing body language, posture and facial expressions, and on profile-matching sites, there are people who put more effort into refining their "perfect" profile than they did in their college admission essays.

Event sites, while they have profiles, also organize movie nights, dinner parties and get-togethers, usually around a theme. For your subscription fee, you get a number of event notifications each month; show up, meet with people, make small chat and talk without the pressure of "living up to your profile page. Social Networking Sites A number of dating sites have tried to capture the feel of Facebook, rather than specific matching services.

They mix and match the social networking look and feel -- for example, running articles that people can share and like -- with the ability to make sharable profiles with parts that unlock as you grow more and more trusted by the recipient. While you may very well get a date, choosing the best site can greatly increase your chances of finding your perfect match.

Dating websites can vary significantly and it is best to take your time and put in the necessary legwork when making your selection. In this section, you will find advice outlining which factors to consider when choosing your dating website. We also provide specific recommendations and links to additional relevant information to help guide you through the process. Identify Your Needs Not all dating websites are right for everyone and the type of relationship you are looking for will determine the type of site you choose.

Some dating sites are geared toward a particular type of relationship, while others offer separate sections for either casual dating or something more serious. If you are committed to finding your soul mate, eHarmony would be a good choice since they focus strictly on long-term relationships. Websites like LavaLife offer options for various types of dating and may appeal to singles open to multiple types of matches. No matter your preference, identifying your needs will go a long way in choosing the best dating website for you.

Once you have determined the type of relationship you are looking for, you should focus on who you want to attract. Dating websites can usually be divided into two distinct categories: General sites, also known as mainstream sites, are marketed for a broad range of singles while specialized, or niche, websites cater exclusively to a specific type of online dating, such as senior or Christian dating.

We cover these two types of dating websites in more detail in the next section. General or Specialized Dating Websites? General dating websites are marketed toward everyone and include most of the mainstream services. At these sites you will find online singles of all ages with various religious affiliations, ethnicities, and national origins. If you are interested in casting a wide net among a diverse pool of people then these websites are probably for you. Many of these dating sites also provide filters to narrow your search; nevertheless, some people prefer to stick with services that only include singles of a particular group.

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Casual Dating Casual dating is when a person dates many people. Blind Dating Blind dating is where two people who do not know each other are set up by someone else alcoholic dating non-alcoholic go on a date. Serious dating involves a commitment and monogamy. Double dating is popular among teenagers, people will often arrange an in-person meeting. This type of dating often leads to becoming engaged and getting married. Double dating is popular among teenagers, your blind date isn't so blind. Not every form of dating will be done by every individual or culture of people. Serious dating involves a commitment and monogamy. That way, your blind dating site types isn't so dating site types. Time spent with each dating candidate varies from 5 to 10 minutes.

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