Dating Your Friends Baby Daddy

I called my doctor and went in right after work. Peed in a cup. I called my best friend. I called my sister. We met up that night and I broke the news to him. He was in shock but expressed his desire to try to work it out and talk about our options. I was so angry. I did not want to have a baby with him. I didn't want to be tied to him. He hurt me and I told him I was done and I meant it. This would change everything. So, confused, I let him back in. We acted as though we were together as I tried to sort through what the next steps would be and the "consequences" of whatever decision I would make.

I was 21 years old. Then, he hurt me again. He had been seeing one of the girls he ditched me for at the music festival the whole time. I really cut him off this time. I wasn't going to be able to make a decision that was best for everyone in this kind of environment or around him. I packed my things and moved to Arizona to stay with my grandparents and clear my head. Then I had an ultra sound and my decision became clear.

There was no way I was going to give this baby up. Many people find themselves facing this moral conflict, even celebrities. Remember how Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were best friends until Katy decided to date Taylor's ex John Meyer? Yes, making the decision to follow your heart and date a friend's ex has seen many friendships go up in smoke. But what do you do when you find yourself in this predicament? Is it really wrong to date a friend's ex?

We asked a focus group of men and women who argued both sides. Some have actually experienced loving a friend's ex first hand. THE HELL NO CAMP This group consists of year-old Katlego Ratlou from Soshanguve; Phillemon Ntsasa, a year-old telesales marketer from Welkom and year-old Gadifele Loeto from Tlhabane, near Rustenburg. This now former friend knew that he is my baby's daddy, and that I was heartbroken when I found out that he was cheating on me, which is the reason we broke up.

I asked her about it and she said it 'just happened'. I have not spoken to her since. I [later] heard they broke up. Serves her right," says Loeto. After that first visit a few years ago, my son's father made clear that he was in love with me and felt like we should give it a try. Needless to say, I was not receptive.

Here was a man whose character I seriously questioned, considering that he had no interest in his own offspring for so many years. Again, I appreciate his honesty with himself and me in saying that he was not ready to parent but that obviously means that we are just different people with different values, yes? Aside from that, what happens should mom and dad break up?

How does one even begin to navigate such an odd relationship without messing up their mutual child? We both moved on. I've dated seriously, as has he. He has done some things I consider parenting errors but they were minor, and frankly, my life revolves around doing nothing but the very best for our child so I'm a stickler and can be hard to please.

But one of the reasons I left my most recent relationship is because he and the what-ifs are always a nagging presence. So these are the things I'm hoping the dear MeFites here can help me sort through. They are not related solely to the backstory I've posted here but they are still some things I like some perspective on, if anyone has any to offer I should ignore these feelings, yes? The potential to screw our kid up by entering into a relationship with his father is far too great, right?

Because when it comes to our son, I always get my way, and thus I think he genuinely believes I dislike him greatly. This is not true. Is it my job to rectify this? Anytime I bring up a parenting issue, he is automatically defensive. He believes I'm a great mother, tells me so often, but I get the feeling he truly feels like I feel he's not as good a parent as I. Should I make an effort to correct this feeling on his part or is that his own issue to deal with?

Would it be weird and potentially offensive and unfair to his girlfriend to request that we sit down and hash out all these old feelings of anger and resentment on my part or should I just work on letting it go and move on, since I don't let those things affect the care of our child?

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The single, we have to know how to approach dating men with children carefully because in the end. PARAGRAPHAs a woman, if he has kids they will be a huge part of your relationship so deciding when to meet the child and how long to be involved is a dating your friends baby daddy decision, if he really cared about the well being of free gay sex dating sites child he would frienss the initiative to make sure his child was taken care of. The good about this catholic online dating south africa is that he has a lot more flexibility than the Full Time Father. The situation can get dating in ukraine so you have to be very careful. This situation shows a daddg low level of responsibility and effort on his part? But how do you date this man. Now, we have to know how to approach dating men with children carefully because in datong end. The Dead Beat Dad: Dating your friends baby daddy good about this guy. How do you go about it?PARAGRAPH. If you wait to long to include the child in the relationship it sating be a lot harder for them to accept you. His baby mama can play a factor.

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