Disadvantages Of Dating A Short Man

Now the reason why I post this question is because I see so much negativity in this sub, needless to say, I'm sure you all know. Often the focal point of the frustrations expressed here revolves around dating. So let's talk about that. From my experience, and other people's experience in real life, Is being short really that big of a disadvantage? Because I don't think so personally. Of course it is a disadvantage, but of course I don't think it is as dramatic as portrayed in this sub.

I find that a lot of girls don't really trip that much about height. Again, this is my experience. Like 9 times out of ten, if you ask a girl if you prefer taller guys they say yes. But it is simply just a preference. So to my guys who are like 5''8, if you are a cool guy, fit, cool personality, just a decent man, it should not be hard to get girls. Most girls just want a decent respectable guy. There are many girls out there who date tall guys, and only dated tall guys but then I came around, and they ended up liking me.

You can't control that shit. Think about it, as a guy I prefer girls who are curvy, and have nice big boobs. However the last girl I had a crush on was a skinny blonde girl. I had no clue I was going to like her like that. Same shit with girls. Some may say they like tall guys, but a lot of them don't know what the fuck they want. Let me give you an example, one of my Asian homies who is 5'3 got rejected on the spot by this taller blonde chick because his height I presume, but a week later, she was sucking his dick.

People don't even know what they want to do in their lives, let alone their partners, so stop letting people's verbal preferences get you down. One of the best ladies man I know is some 5'5 security guard. He's about 30, Asian dude, he's in good shape and has a mouth piece. He gets too many girls to count. That's not my taste, because I'm a one girl type of guy, but if any of you guys were interested in that type of life, just be confident, and workout working out gives you confidence.

And another thing, stop reading stuff in reddit when it comes to height and dating. Your just making yourself angry and creating a negative self image. Stop Googling "short men dating" and all that BS. DONT get your view of women from the internet! Believe it or not, there are plenty of women who don't have a problem with your height barring your are 5''8 and take the time to make yourself attractive by being in shape, and just being a great guy.

I've seen to many short dudes in my city with bombshells. Their living life, don't you want that too? Don't you want that sexy girl? Go make it happen. And if a chick is going to outwardly reject you because of your height, then forget about her. Could this diminutive person publicly represent a company or a brand? Big guys command attention, small guys disappear. So it is gently amusing to read people like Kahla Preston write about the inconveniences of being tall , which include discomfort on planes and occasionally being asked about basketball.

Apparently it can also be difficult to hear friends in a crowded bar, necessitating some sort of ungainly stooping action, or, I suppose, asking them to project to the nosebleed section. Even at average height, to achieve eye contact with a Sydney bartender you generally need to have either strolled off the catwalk or rolled off the rugby field.

Which is an ironic problem given the elevated need to seek solace in alcohol. There are all sorts of fashion tips out there for smaller men: Most clothes in this country appear to be proportioned for the Big Friendly Giant or the morbidly obese, which is an eternal struggle. Other options include forming a disco tribute act, providing an excuse to swan around in inch platform shoes and flares, and maybe one of those ridiculous two-foot floral headdresses Elton John used to get around in.

For a whole host of spurious and problematic reasons, society deemed it was appropriate — even desirable — for women to artificially increase their height with footwear, but not for men. And I, for one, am eternally jealous. Apparently you can get leg-lengthening surgery in Thailand, but it involves breaking your bones and being in a wheelchair for a year.

All I really want is to be taken seriously, regardless of stature or biceps. Oh, and maybe one of those footstools — a la former French president Nikolas Sarkozy — hidden behind every podium. Michael is a recent graduate of Sydney University, where he edited Honi Soit in He is also a community newspaper editor, freelance writer and volunteer at 2ser. He is chronically unimpressed but has managed to channel his misanthropy into Twitter: But this time it's not about the labour.

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10 Sweet (But Sometimes Brutal) Truths About Dating A Short Guy

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