Ex Dating Sex Offender

If need be use the number off a milk carton…the national service may take an hour longer to reach the same people you can right now, but it will get to your locals. If there is a need to get your son away from his mother they will act quickly; if not they will certainly be involved enough to help you legally down the road. If a seemingly valid complaint is made they have to investigate it and they have to act quickly.

In my area it is usually within hours if a child is believed to be at risk. Wickenburg, AZ 29, joined Dec. Did he get drunk and pee in public Posts containing primarily negative comments, and lacking in advice, will be summarily removed without warning. Users who are consistent problems will be banned. Post to help, not to flame. Posts should not advertise, offer or promote any service, legal or otherwise.

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Please do not post links to videos, including YouTube, in either posts or comments. Please do not offer or request a recommendation for a specific attorney or law firm. The mods have discretion to remove any post or comment they believe to be disruptive, unhelpful, or otherwise detrimental. The statistics below were sourced in April Total number of registered sex offenders nationwide in the U. Released from prison, after serving almost five years, he recently completed his two-year probation.

Details of the actual case were not available online, however. Thoughts whirling in the minds of my friends ran the gamut. Did his ex-wife Ann know? Were his son and her in danger? If she knew, why would she date this man and allow him around their child? What was the story? My friend called Ann, and the conversation only led to more questions. She did, in fact, know Bill was a registered sex offender but her explanation and any further information from her were vague and misleading.

Due to the unsettling nature of the details, my friend attempted to communicate with his ex. After a court-ordered psych evaluation and numerous consults with both sides attorneys, the Judge sided with Ann this time. What the Judge did do however is change the custody arrangement so that my friend had more parental time with his son, thereby reducing the amount of time Bill would be near him.

He gained more custodial time with his son and became more aware of what to watch out for. He also learned how to educate his son without scaring him. Whether you discover your ex is dating a registered sex offender or just an unsavory character you are unnerved by, there are better ways than others to handle the delicate matters. What To Do If Your Ex Is Dating a Registered Sex Offender Speak with your ex-spouse to understand her awareness knowledge of the facts.

If communication with your ex-spouse spouse does not provide the outcome you desire, speak with a lawyer to understand your legal rights and pursue any necessary court actions. Respect and follow the law; do not put yourself into a situation that could ultimately hurt your children by you breaking any laws and undergoing resulting punishment.

Modifying Child Custody If Ex-Wife Is Dating A Sex Offender


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