Hilarious Dating Stories

I met a man through a mutual friend and we decided to have dinner together. During dinner, the only thing he talked about was how close he was to his mom. No matter how I tried to swing the conversation, it came back to her. In the middle of dinner, he got a phone call yes at the restaurant-old school style-not on cell and became distraught. Said that his mom had been taken to the hospital and he had to leave right then. He ran out of the restaurant, visibly shaken, and got in his car.

I was left with the bill. I drove him to the hospital. When we arrived, he went in to find her. I was left standing there with his keys and my coat for an hour. No way to reach him. I called a taxi, paid for it and went home. He told me his Dad went to prison for murder as he drove me to a casino in his 86 Camero. On the way home from the date, we took the freeway and it was pouring rain. I had to pee…but decided it could wait.

Then, in the middle of the freeway, a wheel FELL OFF the car! He pulled over to the center of the lane instead of the curb and we had to wait almost an hour for a police car to come and help us. Pee before you leave. You never know when the wheels might come off the date. He looked much different than he did during the day, when I saw him on my delivery route to the RV parts manufacturer where he worked at my summer job.

I lowered myself into his sporty car, which was much too small for his frame, and was taken on a wild joyride, loud with music and machismo. Our date was dinner a local fish house — not a very good one — and he proceeded to drink two pitchers of beer in succession, as I looked on, stunned. For unknown reasons, I let him drive me home.

Modest Mouth — Holly Rust of Mothers Guide to Sanity Right before I met my husband I was set up on a blind date through a friend. And then watched me take out every dollar I owed him. More from The Stir: When he said his nipples sometimes lactate? When he blasted Blue Oyster Cult in the car? It was our first date. I kept wondering if it would ring. So I cautiously asked, "Dave? I said, "What are you on a dating site for then?!

This is why I need to lie more. He mentioned his year-old son was in Chicago for the summer. He's at Ronald McDonald House and then sometimes at Children's Hospital. He's a dwarf and we're having him stretched this summer.

Funny Dating Stories

20+ Hilarious First-Date Disasters That Will Make You Laugh

My father asked one of the guys hilarious dating stories free dating sight was a wrestler, and he draped a beautiful gold necklace on me, but just as he said the punch line. I didn't bring it, I began reciting my letter nervously. He'd been watching us go at it the entire time. On the way to my house, there was this car tailing us really closely. Everything went fine - until my dad came to pick us up. While I was pouring my heart and soul out to him, and I was so nervous around him! My guy then interrupted my speech and informed me that I hadn't been talking to him before. Everything went fine - until my dad came to pick us up! That whole time I had been confessing my hilarious dating stories to his relative. But he said yes.

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