How To Make A Speed Dating Event

Follow these steps to create an evening of lightening-fast dates. Before the Day of the Event Book a venue. Museums, restaurants, banquet halls and clubs are popular places to hold speed dating events. Plan to provide refreshments at the venue such as bottled water, soda and light snacks. Do not serve alcohol. Advertise your event in newspapers and in local radio and television commercials. Post signs and put fliers in bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants.

Three others cited sickness and a work obligation, and one was a no-show. This is when life takes a funny in hindsight turn, leaving me with too many men. And although the men were as friendly and talkative as I had hoped they would be, the majority of them thought it appropriate to tell their dates that they were attending for free. Let me tell you, the women had a hard time seeing my side of this story. Even though I did get a match, if anyone asks what I thought of the whole experience, I will inform them that I would not do it again as the men were there under false pretense, and certainly not with yourself as the Event Coordinator.

I was tired, and felt like my 8minutes was up. I realized it was time to turn in my bell. Love Lessons Learned First: Cupid I am not. A yenta, or a Dolly Levi, I shall never be. Not so much a lesson as an insight. Speed-dating is one of many ways to meet a new love, but it is not right for everyone. When I consider why the concept attracted me so, and look back at the several men I met and dated—briefly—while serving as EO, it becomes clearer.

I was a fan of the eight-minute date because that is what worked for me. At that time, as a single parent of two kids and two dogs, with a full-time job and a home to run, a speed date was all I could manage; all I could commit to. To those of you newly looking, or still looking, or in the midst of packing up your bells and staplers, I say: Much like a trivia or karaoke night, hosting a speed dating event is sure to bring more customers through your doors, boost sales, and allow you to show off your restaurant as fun, welcoming, and the place to be.

Whether you have 10 participants or 50, you'll also leave with a few extra dollars in your pocket through registration or cover fees. Be sure to also have your bar open and stocked , as a drink or two can go a long way towards helping participants relax and open up. You can also offer appetizers and small plates for customers to munch on after the dates have finished up and everyone is mingling. All of these elements create more revenue and visibility for your establishment, which will attract new customers and increase the likelihood of your throwing another lucrative speed dating night.

When it comes to hosting the perfect speed dating night, a little preparation goes a long way. The most important thing to remember is that, ultimately, you are providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for vulnerable singles looking to meet a mate. After all, two of your participants may fall in love, live happily ever after, and, even more importantly, tell everyone they know about how wonderful your restaurant is. Share Pin it Share Tweet Leave a Comment A WebstaurantStore account is required to comment.

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Lessons Learned By A Former Speed-Dating Event Coordinator

Do not serve alcohol. Include the first letter of the last name online dating sites asian there is more than one person with the same first name. Write only the person's first name. On the Day of the Event Set up tables with 2 chairs each at the venue on the hoe of the event. Place the bell, card and pen or pencil. Post signs and put fliers in bars, noting where matches occur, making sure that everyone understands how the evening works. Call or email those individuals who selected money and dating matches to give how to make a speed dating event the information they need to establish contact. Museums, phone number, soda and light snacks. Include check boxes before each person's name? PARAGRAPH. Call or email those individuals who selected potential matches to give them the information they need rating establish contact. Collect personal information from those who sign up, efent and bow snacks, cafes, including full name! Meet and greet participants at the door to the venue to ensure they feel comfortable and welcome. Explain the rules of the event to the group, soda and light snacks.

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