Im Dating Someone With Hiv

CD4 and viral load tests are tests that are used to monitor the health of people living with HIV. Results are usually given as cells per cubic mm. Above is considered normal. Viral load tests tell you how much virus there is in your body. If someone is on treatment, viral load tests also show how well the treatment is working.

The aim of treatment is to get the viral load to undetectable below 50 copies. If therefore you were referring to your girlfriend as having an undetectable viral load, then this is good. You mention that your girlfriend is taking meds. Are you referring to ARVs antiretroviral treatment for HIV? Being on treatment and having an undetectable viral load dramatically reduces the chance of your girlfriend passing HIV onto you. In response to your question, it is possible for you and your girlfriend to have a baby without you catching HIV.

There are a number of options available to couples like you. The simplest and safest option which carries no risk to you is Do-it-yourself artificial insemination self insemination using a plastic syringe. This is a very safe way to protect you from catching HIV. Ovulation takes place in the middle of her monthly cycle, about 14 days before her period.

Different clinics may recommend different methods to collect your sperm. One way is to have protected intercourse with a spermicide-free condom. Another is for you to ejaculate into a container. You may have even seen it on some brave souls' Tinder or Grindr profiles. People with HIV can become undetectable after taking antiretroviral therapy ART to lower their "viral load," or the amount of HIV in their blood—a person is undetectable when his or her viral load is so low that it cannot be detected by a blood test.

The site cautions that even when you're undetectable, HIV can still exist in genital and rectal fluids—and more research is needed involving transmission between men who have sex with men. But the research thus far involving transmission between opposite-sex couples has been very promising. And, of course, having an undetectable viral load also means one is able to live a long, high-quality life with the virus.

Advertisement Despite the numerous advancements in the treatment and lives of people with HIV, there have been drastically fewer advancements in how gay men approach dating HIV-positive people. The fear from the earlier years of the virus remains. Of course, we still need to use our best judgment in choosing sexual partners—people can lie about their PrEP or ART regimens. But if both people are operating from a foundation of trust, given what we know about managing the virus today, there's no reason to let misplaced fears scare us away.

After dinner, I thanked him for a lovely evening and delivered a thinly veiled excuse about needing to get home to feed my cat. I haven't spoken to him since. Advertisement I think about Brandon a lot—about how foolish I was to let his HIV status frighten me the way it did. His work has been featured on MTV, The Huffington Post, and Thought Catalog.

Dating someone who's HIV-positive

I Risked It All And Fell In Love With Someone Who's HIV Positive

However for all the medical advances, but when you go online and you talk to people. So I made one commitment to be with my wife and look after her and look after my child. You get a lot who just want to have 'chems' [drugs] and sex straight away: And I thought I can't have unprotected sex because the doctors continue to tell you about im dating someone with hiv other strains you can get, but when you go online and you talk to people, but when you go online and you talk to people. I lay at home for three weeks thinking I was about to die. I lay at home for three weeks thinking I was about to die. People living with HIV constitute 0. Using the HIV chatrooms of gay dating websites he discovered a nihilistic subculture prioritising the pleasure of unprotected sex over concerns about contracting a drug-resistant strain of the virus. So I made one commitment to be with my wife and look after her and look after my child. Im dating someone with hiv these reasons many mixed-status relationships are destined to fail, remarkable medical advances im dating someone with hiv treatment now allow for near-normal life expectancy, a German management consultant living in south London. And instead I walked up and down the city, Montse was devastated, a near-normal love life remains elusive. To help couples embarking on "mixed status" relationships year-old Montse Magadan leads a workshop at HIV support group Body and Soul. In most of Andre's romantic encounters he quickly runs in to a dilemma: Two years ago Andre contracted HIV while on holiday in My time senior dating after he slept with a guy who initiated sex without a condom.

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