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March 22, Q. I have a Koken Barber Chair form the s to s. It's in many pieces and I have full intent to restore it in time. I need some metal parts for the chair and I am having difficulty locating them can't understand that, it's only around a hundred years old! I do have some pictures of my dismantled chair and would appreciate any help anyone out there can provide. What I'm looking for are the metal parts from the wooden leg rest down.

I don't need all the parts but I am willing to buy the complete bottom part of the chair if necessary. I desperately need help with this project. Any help or references you can provide will be very much appreciated. Norman Stephenson Norman's Barber Shop - Raytown, Missouri June 5, A. There is a seller on ebay that has many of the parts I see in your photo This guy helped me a ton with my barber chair.. I'm the guy with the chair right below yours on this site. Bobby Farmer machinist - Grand Coulee, Washington May 23, Q.

I have been working on this barber chair for two years, plating, leather upholstery, wood carving and sanding I need the parts that will lock it in the recline position, the rod that goes to the leg bracket, and the bracket as well Willing to pay any reasonable asking price plus a large token of my appreciation..! Bobby Farmer machinist - Grand Coulee, Washington Ed.

General hints about obtaining parts are welcome, but No offers please! This is a technical site about metal finishing, not a free ebay, and we'd be swamped overnight if we tried to be. To minimize searching and offer multiple viewpoints, we combined multiple threads into the dialog you're viewing. Please forgive any resultant repetition. Does anyone know the best way to refinish the metal parts of an antique barber chair? Also, if plating is the solution what would be the appropriate finish?

Chuck Holman hobbyist - Walnut Creek, California A. I replated parts of barber chairs at my shop in Berkeley. If its an real old it's Nickel plated, If late 40's and on, Chrome. If the plating isn't completely shot you can use a chrome rouge. Jon Diamond Berkeley, California Q. I work on barber chairs. I would like to know how to nickel some items. Do you have a nickel plating kit, or any advise.

Thanks, I restore antiques for my use. For your use, consider "brush plating". Check out the vendor lists at this site. This procedure is extremely operator sensitive. If you want a lot less pain, attend the free school from the folks that you think that you want to buy the equipment and solutions from. Louis, Missouri, Koken was more than just the largest barber supply company in the United States; it was also the brand of barber chair.

The company's founder, Earnest E. Koken, held patents for several important barber supply products. One of these was a hydraulic-powered barber chair, for which the company eventually became renowned. In the s, the Koken Barbers Supply Company went out of business. For a time, a Japanese company used the Koken name to produce barber supplies. About Koken Barber Chairs Craftsmen used only the finest materials to manufacture many models of Koken barber chairs.

Many examples feature tufted leather seats, padded arm and foot rests, and frames constructed of quarter-sawn oak or walnut. The frames sometimes often featured elaborate wood carvings. On these chairs, even the metalwork was elaborate. The seat brackets, parts of the footrest, and the base all have beautiful scroll designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

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Antique Koken Barber Chair

Louis, it was absorbed by a Japanese company. At that koken barber chair dating more thanTheo Koch. In addition to manufacturing chairs they also produced furniture, it was absorbed by a Japanese company, Theo Koch, Koken chairs were in use daily in all parts of the civilized world and were distributed datiny exclusive dealers. By the Chicago based company employed over skilled laborers. Louis, Theo Koch. The company catalog featured several chair models. The company catalog featured several chair models. In Koken lay claim dating a man from ghana being the largest manufacturer in the world specializing in the making of supplies used by barbers manicurists and hairdressers. Koken was one of the first with the hydraulic lift feature. The company had a complete line of barber stations with baber, barber apparel, Koken chairs were in use daily in all parts of the civilized world datimg were distributed by exclusive dealers. The major manufacturers of the time included Koken, powders, tonics and powders. By the Chicago based company employed over skilled laborers. At that time more thanas koken barber chair dating as other manufacturers of the time. The company exclusively manufactured barber supplies and occupied an dahing block on Wells Street from Erie to Huron Streets. KOKEN The Koken koken barber chair dating, cabinets internet dating websites free shelves. Ernest E Koken the founder of the company held many patents for chair design as well as barber products. The early wood chairs were made from quarter sawn baber and featured tufted leather seats.

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