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He just did so well. I think that's what surprised me the most," Franzel tells Us Weekly exclusively. It just made me feel really good that people definitely knew that I came to play. But Paul didn't take the easy way out — and Nicole would have done the same. In fact, the nurse tells Us that they had a secret meeting ahead of the finale.

Nicole Franzel is the winner on the 'Big Brother' season 18 live finale. And I said, 'I'm taking you because I respect your game so much, and I think you deserve to be there. I don't think I am going to beat you, but I'm just letting you know that I'm taking you because my heart wants me to take you. My head wanted James, but I don't mind losing to who I consider the best,'" she recalls. Had I lost to James, I don't think he played even close of a game like Paul and I.

As a superfan, you want to take someone and be sitting next to someone that's great. Still, some BB fans were puzzled as to why Paul chose her. He's playing Derrick's game. He's not playing Derrick's game. Nevertheless, there are no hard feelings. Paul was bummed by the loss but put on a brave face. He said, 'I love you, you deserve it.

He acts like he's this tough cookie. He's tough, but he has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. It was just a breath of fresh air. I'm definitely going to get a financial adviser and then take my family on a great vacation. Then I'm going to save it because I'm going to go back to my normal life and I don't want to blow it. When did you first start to like Corey Brooks? I was attracted to him early on, but I definitely tried to run from him.

I didn't want a showmance. I didn't think it was good for my game. I had a showmance last year and I was like, "That's just embarrassing. I'm not doing it again. I'm not in that state of mind. I want to win this season. He was so defensive and had my back so much. I was like, "Dang, this guy really cares about me. I've been traveling a ton! Before my first run on Big Brother, I don't think I had many plans of leaving my town—let alone state—and now I'm making it a goal to visit every state and as many places in the world as I can.

I'm obsessed with maps and globes—plus, we all know I could use some work in the geography area. Also, I've been doing wedding stuff—and a lot of it. Not for me, of course, but I'm in three weddings coming up, and there's a lot to do! Other than that, just typical "Nicole" behaviors of family time, board game nights with friends, drinking coffee, and day-dreaming of getting a coffee shop up and running. Um, I mean, sometimes they help your game, and sometimes they hurt your game.

It all depends on how you are perceived by the other Houseguests. I've had it help and hurt my game. Having a very loyal ally is obviously a good idea, and that could be a showmance, bromance, womance, or anykindofmance. That's the best tip I can give you. We're sure you're going to watch BB What are you most looking forward to about the new season? I love finding out who I want to root for and just being gung-ho for them. I pick my faves pretty early on. I'm not really a band-wagoner when it comes to who I want to win.

Who is your all-time favorite Big Brother Houseguest and why? After you play the game twice, you have a new perception. I would have to say Dani Donato. She is "bad ass" in and out of the game, and has a heart of gold. What words of advice do you have for the newest batch of Houseguests? It's pretty lame advice, but seriously, being a "newbie" in the Big Brother house is the best feeling in the world. I could cry thinking about how innocent, thankful, and happy I was on my first season.

Stepping foot into that atmosphere is a dream come true. Soak it up and appreciate it. Have any doors opened for you since doing BB? But for the most part, I just went back to my normal routine pre-show, but by choice. I'm a pretty private person. Like I said, I do travel a ton and get invited to a lot of cool events and meet some really great people.

I do have an agent who is super helpful and, for the time being, allows me to work from home and have a decently open schedule to do some spontaneous trips.


Are Big Brother 18 alumni Nicole Franzel, Victor Arroyo dating?

This is a dream, not seeing familiar faces will be difficult too. Which past Big Brother cast member did you like most: Dan because he is intelligent and cocky which made for good TV. Maybe I could hire someone to blow dry my hair because that is a workout. Also, flirty and classy. Bad online dating statistics you have a nicole dating big brother for winning Big Brother?: Ideally, cuddling and datnig. I've been in the operating room and it isn't pretty? Eating, I'm still having tachycardia. A picture of my family because I know that I will miss them. What are you afraid of: Heights are a big one and surgery. PARAGRAPHRecent Bih Graduate Three adjectives that describe you: Nerdy, nicole dating big brother and classy. Going into the Big Brother house thinking someone is going to have your back might be the craziest thought yet. I've been in the operating room and it isn't pretty. What do you think will daring the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Forming an alliance you can trust.

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