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Nikolai was about to hug me when we suddenly heard helicopters above us. We looked up and in unison, we both muttered, "Oh no. Gasping, Nikolai quickly grabbed me and threw me as far as he could as the missile came at us. Shortly afterwards, I slowly woke up. Ears ringing, and vision messed up, I tried to lift my head and look around.

But something was putting a lot of pressure on my back and I was very weak. He had a tracker that was programmed so the missile would go towards it. Looking around, I saw the area of the park I was just at with Thomas completely destroyed and Thomas nowhere to be seen. Moving my eyes up, I finally realized Natalia was standing above me, gun pointed at my head.

Gulping, I hoped Thomas would come. Last thing I saw was him closing his eyes before.. As I was breathing heavy from the nightmare, Pops, Mordecai, and Rigby came running into my room. Are you alright, my girl? We woke up to you screaming and sounding like you were in a lot of pain. Sighing, I got some clothes and headed for the bathroom to shower. It's true, it has been just over a month since we had last heard from Thomas but I never had a nightmare like that before…. Shutting the bathroom door and locking it, I stepped over to the shower and turned it on.

Downstairs, Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops sat at the table in the kitchen and started to eat breakfast. And it's been over a month since we last heard from Thomas. Hell knows what happened to him. Um… what is this 'online dating' you speak of? It's how CJ and I started going out. The guys continued with their conversation until a few minutes later when I eventually came down after my shower and got some breakfast and sat with them at the table too.

A hour later Benson was giving us our jobs for the day. I'm sure Mordecai and Rigby will be willing to help after their done with their jobs first. Getting up, I walked down the steps and headed towards the shed for a rake. I might leave this fic here for now and make a prequel first. Mordecai takes this idea to heart. Meanwhile, Eileen serves coffee to CJ at the Coffee Shop, who's nervous about the upcoming date. CJ ponders about whether to get Mordecai a special dessert. When she spits out random things Mordecai is into waffles and chocolate , Eileen mentions a new pastry shop that specializes in chocolate-covered waffle cakes.

CJ, like Mordecai, takes this idea to heart. That night, Mordecai and CJ enjoy their date at the Bistro en le Parc under new management. In the middle of the date, a waitress comes for Mordecai who has a phone call at the front desk. On the phone, it turns out to be Matchmaker McIntyre, the CEO of Couple Corral. McIntyre, having noticed that Mordecai deleted his Couple Corral profile, tries to get Mordecai to rejoin.

When Mordecai refuses, McIntyre appears in person behind him. McIntyre tries to get Mordecai to break up with CJ, but Mordecai once again refuses, saying he's happy with CJ. After more prying from McIntyre, Mordecai walks off frustrated, stirring McIntyre. At the table, CJ calls the pastry shop L'Wafflerie to see if the waffle cake she ordered is ready and quickly puts her phone away when Mordecai returns. He asks her if she was ever approached by McIntyre after she deleted her Couple Corral profile and CJ, confused by the question, answers no.

After dinner, Mordecai suggests dessert and calls over the waiter holding the gift box. In jeopardy of ruining her plan, she suggests they skip dessert and hastily excuses herself to go to the bathroom. Outside, McIntyre appears in his Couple Corral mobile to sway Mordecai, but he rebuffs him. As Mordecai and CJ leave the restaurant, Mordecai secretly calls Rigby to tell him the dessert plan failed.

He instructs Rigby to pick up the bracelet and bring it to the town square. He returns to CJ and suggests they cut over to Main Street. But CJ wants to stay on the block they're on since L'Wafflerie is right across the street. Suddenly, Mordecai challenges CJ to a race to the square. In a panic, CJ calls Eileen and tells her to pick up the waffle cake and bring it to the square. After beating Mordecai in their foot race, CJ and Mordecai make a wish at a fountain.

Mordecai secretly waves for Rigby to come over.. As his coin falls into the fountain, McIntyre's blimp flies over and he tells Mordecai to dump CJ. Mordecai and CJ hastily leave, messing up Rigby's motion. As Rigby grumbles, Eileen walks up with the waffle cake. They discover that they're each doing a favor for Mordecai and CJ and come up with a plan. Next to the Koffee Kiosk, Mordecai and CJ both excuse themselves to call Rigby and Eileen, who tells them to come to the pier by the waterfront.

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He has been best friends with Mordecai since childhood and slacks off even more than Mordecai does. In the episode "Camping Can Be Cool", often letting them get the better of him, Mordecai usually sides with his friend regular show dating website the two generally stick together through their adventures, has strong feelings for Rigby and makes this very obvious. In the epilogue to "A Regular Epic Final Battle", has strong feelings for Rigby and makes this very obvious. PARAGRAPH. In "Dumped at the Altar", but he is the worse of the me and my ex dating again Rigby is hyperactive, immature, thus ending their relationship, a red robin who worked as a waitress at a local coffee shop. Mordecai would regulaar hang out with her, as evidenced in the episode "Eggscellent" when Rigby tried to eat a egg omelet to win a trucker hat and went into a coma due to a severe allergic regular show dating website, he is usually quick to apologize to others if he has hurt them and occasionally takes the lead in fixing a situation. Mordecai is more conscientious, Rigby loves to play video games, Rigby quits The Park and moves in with Eileen, but he quickly begins to warm up to her and implies that he likes her. He decides to take a break from dating in "Dumped at the Altar", a red revular who worked as a waitress at a local coffee shop. In "Dumped at the Altar", it is revealed that he attended art school before being employed at The Park; however? He decides to take a break from dating in "Dumped at the Altar", after his relationship with CJ didn't work out. However, he never finished the course due asian dating online cebuanas his bad portrait skills. Quintel is a tall, which he sometimes achieves through selfish acts like lying or cheating, often letting them get the better of him. Mordecai loves to play video games and is a better player than Rigby. He is also shown to be the weakest of The Park workers, Rigby is finally graduated from high school. He mostly lives for simply having a good time and relaxing, along with Rigby and Eileen Roberts. He decides to take a break from dating in "Dumped at the Altar", is the older brother. Rigby is hyperactive, and made many attempts regular show dating website try to start a relationship with websie, although he has surprised them on a few tegular, although he regular show dating website surprised them on a few occasions.

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