Social Worker Dating

The professional literature offers diverse theories about the causes of and factors associated with clinician sexual misconduct. Some clinicians appear to struggle with their own major mental illness, which can take the form of borderline, narcissistic, impulse control, and antisocial personality disorders. Many clinicians in this group express remorse for their misconduct, stop their unethical behavior on their own, and seek consultation from peers.

They may be relatively inexperienced professionally and lack understanding of basic ethical standards concerning boundaries and related clinical dynamics. Sexual misconduct between a social worker and a client is often the end result of a series of boundary-related indiscretions in that relationship. The social worker may then begin disclosing personal information, touch the client casually, and spend unusually long periods of time with the client.

This may lead to dating and social worker-client sex. The pattern is not always this linear, of course, but these elements are not uncommon. Experts working with offending clinicians often suggest guidelines to protect clients and prevent inappropriate dual relationships. The overwhelming majority of social workers maintain clear and professional boundaries with clients. Social workers employ sound judgment and decision making. They are often placed in critical roles for determining the best course of action for people in need.

They are innovative, bringing creativity and resourcefulness to complicated problems. Social workers know how to manage stress. They are called upon to deal calmly and effectively in high-stress situations. They are part of a growing profession, with many opportunities for career mobility and advancement. These professionals are organized and detailed-oriented, often dealing with complex policies and regulations.

They have stories to share. Take time for your romantic life. Get a romantic life! Keep your romantic life off social media. Besides, it may decrease the morale of your single coworkers, and we need morale to be high, because the fundraising gala is coming up. Consider the ramifications to your organization when considering breaking up with someone.

It is important then to consider the effects this may have on your org if you break up with them. Send in your thoughts and other rules you think should be added. But now that you do know, there is no other choice:

15 Reasons to Date a Social Worker

The Thing About Dating & Social Work

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