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Christopher Newport was an eminent Elizabethan mariner who spent the better part of his career treading the thin line that separated merchant adventurer and out-and-out pirate. While no records exist to prove it, Newport most likely went to sea at a young age. By , he was part of an English expedition illegally trying to trade with Portuguese settlers in Brazil. After partaking in some looting with famed privateer Francis Drake , Newport was given command of his own privateering vessel.

Newport turned out to be very adept at this vocation. Even after losing his right arm in a battle with the Spanish near Cuba, Newport continued to raid Spanish shipping throughout the Caribbean for more than ten years. When, in , the Virginia Company was ready to send a group of settlers to the New World, Christopher Newport was an obvious choice to lead the expedition.

By , Newport was employed by the East India Company and began making trading expeditions to the Indies. He died at Bantam in present day Indonesia in Christopher Newport of Limehouse, Mariner. Who was the first European to sail around Africa? When looking at a modern-day map of the world, sailing around the southern tip of Africa appears to be a relatively easy thing to do. But to the 15th century Portuguese explorers who hoped to trade in the East Indies, it was a daunting proposition.

In , Bartholomeu Dias c. At this time, there were some Europeans who believed that Africa and India might be connected, or that the southern coast of Africa was entirely impassable. Dias and his men sailed south and determined that Africa and India were not connected, and that the Indies could be reached by sea from Europe. King John was pleased that Portugal now had access to the riches of the Orient. All he needed was for someone to actually sail there. That someone would be Vasco da Gama c.

In , da Gama, an experienced mariner, set off for the Indies, intending to push past Africa. After an arduous journey past the Cape of Good Hope discovered and named by his predecessor Dias and up the eastern coast of Africa, da Gama and his fleet of three ships a fourth had been destroyed on the voyage , found themselves in India, where they traded for spices and jewels.

They also engaged in some skirmishes with the locals. The voyage was a commercial success, and the Africans, Arabs and Indians alike learned to both fear and respect the Portuguese explorers. Did Leifr Eiriksson discover America? But to the Europeans who came upon these lands, they seemed to be new discoveries. Around , Bjarni Herjolfsson fl. He missed Greenland, but eventually found himself off a densely forested coastline.

About fifteen years later, around the year , a more adventurous soul than Bjarni Herjolfsson set sail and wound up off a new world. The actual location of Vinland remains a mystery, but many place it somewhere in Newfoundland, Canada. The Vikings failed to establish anything permanent in Vinland, and a subsequent attempt to settle there was abandoned due to the inability of the Vikings to peacefully coexist with the indigenous native population.

Encyclopedia of the Viking Age. When did mariners begin using the telescope? The telescope was invented in by Dutch spectacle maker Jan Lippershey and later refined by famed scientist Galileo Its military use was readily apparent, and by the midth century they were being used aboard ships. The telescope a term supposedly devised by Galileo went by many names at sea. TGs Steakhouse and Saloon When: Wednesday 4 February, Address: What is POF Peninsula "MY FUNNY VALENTINE" SPEED DATING?

In our FREE Plenty of Fish Speed Dating event we will have the fifth of hopefully many MONTHLY Speed Dating Events at our friends TG's Steakhouse and Saloon This is FREE only because TG's is kind enough to let us have this party here. Be sure to take EXTRA special care of your waiters and waitresses! Men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short "dates", lasting five minutes.

The men stay stationary opposite of last month in one seat and the women will move from date to date and each male and female will have 25 dates in a little over two and a half hours. Each person will have a card that they will bring with them to each date. The men will be lettered A-Z and the women will be assigned the letters A through Z. At the end of each date interval, the Plenty Of Fish Speed Dating Organizer Anglergrl will ring a bell to signal the participants to move on to the next date.

This will happen 25 times.


Plenty of Fish

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