Top Ten Worst Dating Cities

Jacqui Janetzko via visitflorida. Known as the "Horse Capital of the World," Ocala can offer you plenty of options for a romantic ride — but a suitable date to ride with might be harder to find. Younger daters, in particular, could struggle given the area's median age of And although the area may always be a retirement haven, says Kevin Sheilley, president of the Ocala-Marion County Chamber Economic Partnership, it is working to draw in young professionals with its stable and growing job market, as well as its vibrant downtown and active outdoor lifestyle.

If you're not willing to wait for that growth, Tallahassee, about three hours away, currently offers a population with many more singles — a dominant Find the best, latest mortgage rates in the Ocala area. Welcome to the home of the world's largest chair. In the heart of North Carolina's discount-furniture district, Thomasville is a great place for shoppers to find a love seat but not so great a place for singles to find love.

This small metro area, anchored by the tiny city of Thomasville population: The living costs are Find the best, latest mortgage rates in the Thomasville area. The second of our Florida cities, Punta Gorda, is better suited for active retirees than young singles. Only about four in ten adults are unmarried, the lowest share on our list. Plus, the local crowd is the most senior of these ten cities, with a median age of Fort Myers, about 30 minutes south of Punta Gorda, offers a younger and less-attached crowd.

The city's median age is Find the best, latest mortgage rates in the Punta Gorda area. FZ Waverunner via creative commons. It's a nice place to visit, but singles don't seem to want to live here. Lake Havasu City, situated on the eastern shore of its namesake lake, is a popular destination for spring breakers. But for the rest of the year, the isolated area along the California border is home to a mature and married crowd. And the college influence leaves with the partying students: Beach-bumming bachelors and bachelorettes should head due west until they hit the Pacific Ocean.

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These rankings are universal, designed to be neutral in relation to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or age. If so, read below to see how your city fared. Start and finish your day with the top stories from The Daily Beast. A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don't. Favarato's Restaurant and Bar. Mise en Place Restaurant. Barresi's Italian American Restaurant.

The Magic Pan Restaurant. Omni La Mansion del Rio.

Forever Alone: The 10 Worst Cities For Single Women

America's Best (And Worst) Cities For Dating

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