What You Have To Know Before Dating A Girl From California

A date at Disneyland means things are getting serious. She's probably spent large portions of summer in Lake Tahoe. And probably part of winter, too. She's been to Coachella… …or really wants to go. Summer is her favorite season. She's planning her next birthday in Vegas. Or maybe she spent her 21st there. High maintenance, perfect tan having, kale eating, yoga freaks? You are probably right. Here are 9 reasons you should never date a California girl.

You will never get the taste of kale out of your mouth. Get used to kale smoothies, 6am yoga sessions, and organic everything. Lazy days of Netflix and chill are long gone. No more buffalo wings and nachos on game day, get used to the idea of chips, hummus, and guacamole. Wake us when it is over 6. Most native Californians have lived through a few big ones, and she will think you are silly if you freak out over a little tremor.

Californians Are Socially-Conscious [Embed] Everybody has to have their own shopping bags, since in many parts of the state, stores aren't allowed to give out plastic bags. Sometimes people will even shower together, you know to save on water. She's Probably Into Webseries [Embed] Every other person you meet in Southern California has their own webseries and they constantly want you to watch it. Some of these webseries are great and are fun to watch, others not so much. If you want a career in entertainment industry, you gotta have a webseries.

At the same time, no matter how clean-eating someone is, they still know how to order off the menu at In-N-Out. Animal style fries, please.

17 Things To Know Before Dating A California Girl

19 Reasons Why Dating A SoCal Girl Is The Absolute Coolest

PARAGRAPHAnd if you want any chance of a lasting relationship, you'll secretly like that they come to you for help! Even though you're too scared to get involved, so what you have to know before dating a girl from california be spending all day in bed comforting her. Sisters come first, if speed dating information form not shared during the date via sneaky text. Because that's what sisters do. Anything you do on your date will be shared with the sisters immediately after the date? Her sisters' SOs become your close friends? Like we said, they'll always have your back. You will have to listen to her complain about her sisters' baes. Sisters come first, but they get the message across through heavy glances. And it will make you really wonder what her sisters are telling their SOs about you The caifornia have a million inside jokes! They won't say it outright, they'll always have your back, you can plan on canceling any plans you had with your GF, you'll secretly like that they come to you for help. Her sisters probably stalk your Facebook more than she does. You will have to listen califoenia her complain about her sisters' baes.

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