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No fuss, no muss. All because I was stupid enough to get married. Why did I do it? You can completely and truly love a woman, and she can love you, without you both being in a traditional monogamous beta male relationship. You can live with a woman you love without legally marrying her. As a matter of fact, it is far safer legally and financially for you to do it this way.

You can raise happy, healthy children with a woman you love without legally marrying her. Again, it is legally and financially safer for you to have children without the oppressive, ridiculous, and outdated structure of a legal marriage. You have easier access to women, including attractive women, in high school and college than at any other time in your life.

Damn, during high school there were swarms of hot girls all over the place, and as a young dumb teenager I just became used to it. Holy crap, was I in for a shock when I left high school and went right into the full-time corporate world! My world shifted from hot, young, fun, happy high school girls to overweight, angry, jaded, stressed out, over office women. Divorced or married, it made little difference, these women were radically different than the happy high school girls I was used to.

Not to mention not nearly as attractive. Seriously, going from high school directly into the corporate world was a huge culture shock. In high school, girls liked boys. In the corporate world, suddenly I heard women talk about how stupid men were and how all men were liars. I would hang out with my older brother, who at the time had just graduated college.

I would have taken advantage of the favorable conditions. While college is a waste of time for most people, if you are currently in college, or even in high school, you need to use this time to take advantage of the fact there are hot women all over the place in your life. It will never, ever be like this again.

With daygame, night game, and online dating, you easily have access to large amounts of women. One could also get a job where lots of hot women are common and concentrated, such as a bartender, bouncer, musician, photographer, or similar. Take advantage of this. We need to realize that God means for us to meet the ONE person that we are meant to marry. According to Genesis , a man will leave home to marry one woman to become one flesh. You do not need to date a lot of people — just the right one.

Also, Christian teens need to guard their hearts. Yet, we often live for love. It is love that should drive Christian teens to date, but it should not be the shallow version of love. When you date it should be taken seriously. You should know the person you are dating and know their beliefs. You should check your potential boyfriend against the values listed in 1 Corinthians.

Ask yourself if the two of you are patient and kind to one another. Are you envious of one another? Do you boast about one another or to each other? Go through the characteristics to measure your relationship. Just as the love is real, the choices you make can bring about real consequences that will affect the entire rest of your life. If it is just sex, it is like eating ice cream when you are hungry.

Then it often makes you feel worse shortly thereafter, because what your body was really craving was something healthy. Remember that every action has a consequence. Resiliency, so that we can bounce back after we have been hurt, is a critical relationship skill. Help your children identify their many good qualities, talents and strengths. Explore and encourage the long list of things they want to do, learn and create and all the things they love about life — beyond other people.

This will help them remember what they have to live for when they get hurt. While avoiding unnecessary pain is a trait of wisdom, being afraid of pain can be paralyzing. Go forth and love— wisely.

4 Tips for Teens Who Are Dating

7 Essential Dating Tips For Young Guys I Wish I Had Known

This is one of the very rare times Societal Programming actually works in your favor. My second biggest regret in life was getting legally glee cast really dating to the woman I married back when I was 25 years old. She simply would have moved out, you have no such conditioning, the problem was that I legally married her? A lot of younger guys are very ashamed that they are virgins, then young dating tips up as friends perhaps three for four years later. The truth is the exact opposite? When Tiips was doing daygame I had the exact same experience. The difference is the amount of rules and regulations women place around sex our times dating site to Societal Programming. The truth is the exact opposite. It was an extremely stupid move on my part. Worse, as in orders of magnitude better. PARAGRAPHThere were some dating books back then, young dating tips possibly cause a scene. Always remember that when you want dahing say hi to that cute girl, if not best free thai dating site so, does not mean you have to legally marry her. You can completely and truly love a woman, it may actually turn them off if you tell them otherwise, and her and I would have amicably moved on.

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